Tutoring Programs

Years K-6

Our tutoring programs are individualised to cater for specific student needs in all areas of English and Mathematics, including enrichment programs for gifted and talented children. Our aim is to guide, support and facilitate student growth in confidence and self-esteem. We hope to encourage children to learn from their mistakes and to grow from situations of disappointment and difficulty. Our emphasis is on building resilience and the ability to solve problems for themselves. We believe that knowing when to ask for help is fundamental to positive resiliency and wellbeing.

English Years 7-12

Our English tutoring program for High School students is also individualised to cater for specific student needs. Our aim is to empower all students through an appreciation and enjoyment of the written word; to experience the pleasure of understanding a text deeply; to have the skills and freedom to articulate their own ideas and to know that they will engage in the world as critically aware citizens as a result of their English studies.

Maths Years 7-12

Our Mathematics tutoring program for high school students aims to solidify and extend each student's numeracy knowledge, focusing on their particular needs and strengths. With an aim to promote mathematical understanding through real world contexts and applications, students are encouraged to appreciate mathematics holistically, rather than to merely memorise "irrelevant" formulae. By encouraging an interest in mathematics, students develop confidence in their knowledge and numeracy skills so they can enjoy their schoolwork. We provide tutoring support for students of all abilities from Year 7 through to Year 12 HSC Extension Mathematics.

Once your child is enrolled in the Tutoring program, the following procedures will take place

  1. A discussion with you, the parent/s to share your child’s needs. Eg. Feedback from school or a specialist would be advisable to include here.
  2. Pre assessments to ascertain the areas your child requires support will occur in the first few tutoring sessions.
  3. Once Pre assessment has been completed, a program is outlined, planned and implemented. At the conclusion of each tutoring session, we will give a brief overview of the teaching and learning that has taken place.
  4. Student goals are agreed upon between tutor and student. Ongoing evaluation will occur to ensure individual student needs are being met.
  5. Our teaching staff constantly review student learning needs and program accordingly.

Pre School Enrichment & School Readiness

At Serendipity Learning we provide spaces that are flexible, vibrant, easily reconfigured, inspiring, creative, fun, motivating and appealing for all types of learners. Our programs:

  • Promote healthy play, investigation and discovery.
  • Give children choices.
  • Encourage relationships.
  • Meet differing learning styles.
  • Evoke a sense of comfort and home.
  • Teach them to take calculated risks, to innovate and experiment.

Our transition to school program incorporates 'Reggio inspired' teaching and learning activities. We believe that the Reggio Approach is successful because of its powerful image and deep respect for the culture of childhood, and for its strong belief that children, teachers, and parents all work together in the process of building knowledge.

Children also participate in a wide variety of talking and listening activities that include phonemic awareness, quality literature and other visual literacy stimuli to further develop their oral language skills. Oral language is critical to learning and provides the basis for reading and writing development (Kamhi & Cats 2005). This immersion in language provides children at Serendipity Learning with the foundation skills they need for Kindergarten.

To activate young minds and brains we always adopt a multi-sensory approach to learning. Through participation in visual, auditory and kinaesthetic activities, the children develop a wide range of skills including  gross motor and fine motor skills, which are also precursors to early literacy and numeracy development.

Children in this program engage in specific learning activities that prepare them for a smooth transition into formal education at Primary School. These include developing organisation skills, taking responsibility for their belongings and how to ask for help from an adult.

Once your child is enrolled, the weekly sessions will follow this basic outline:

  1. Activating the brain through movement.
  2. Immersion in oral language and quality literature.
  3. Exploratory Reggio-inspired learning through play based and hands-on activities.
  4. Guided peer reflection on what they have discovered.

Art Classes

Years K-8

At Serendipity Learning, our Art Lessons will steer children away from teacher dependence in their projects. Skills will be taught and then projects will follow the child so they retain their creative ideas. We will draw, paint, collage and illustrate. Art vocabulary and visual concepts will be taught to enrich a child's knowledge and ability to evaluate and discuss art. Children will be taught the safe use of materials and will be encouraged to train their eyes to see, their minds to use intuition and imagination and to express their own ideas within a given form. Art history will be used to demonstrate the wealth of styles and creativity through the ages.

Yoga Classes for children

Yoga is beneficial for children in many ways. At Serendipity Learning, our Yoga Instructor provides a fun-filled, interactive one-hour class teaching yoga technique through stories, play and music.

Because children encounter emotional, social, and physical challenges in their daily life, this specific program can be incredibly valuable for them. Yoga is something children can practice anywhere so the breathing, the concentration, the poses, and the way children learn to act or react to situations, will lead to constant self-discovery and inquisitiveness.

The benefits of yoga are:

  • Enhanced Physical Flexibility - promotes physical strength and can help a child become aware of their body and how it efficiently functions.
  • It Refines Balance and Coordination - balance is a key element of yoga and it promotes mental and physical poise. Coordination is also closely tied to balance and promotes overall dexterity.
  • It Develops Focus and Concentration - the act of practicing poses encourages children to clear their mind and focus on the effort.
  • It Boosts Self-Esteem and Confidence - yoga helps to instil confidence and build perseverance and patience.
  • It Strengthens the Mind-Body Connection - yoga helps children achieve a sound mind in a sound body by exercising the physical body and calming the mental spirit.

High School Preparation Classes

Years 5-7

Serendipity Learning is pleased to offer an exciting program designed to ease the transition between Primary and High School.

Our main focus is for our upper Primary year students to become responsible and independent learners so that the adjustment to High School is a natural progression for them and a smooth, stress-free process for all.

In our Preparation for High School program, students will be equipped with a variety of strategies and techniques to enable them to cope more confidently with the challenges and expectations of High School. We will operate in a calm and peaceful educational environment conducive to concentration and learning.

During our weekly sessions, students will be guided through a variety of activities that include the following:

  • Revision of writing skills – sentence, paragraph and text structure.
  • Reading comprehensions strategies.
  • Research and note taking skills.
  • Revision of key Maths concepts.
  • Time management for students – keeping a diary, homework schedule, organising a personal timetable.
  • Essential study skills.
  • Goal setting.
What to bring:
  • A bottle of water.
  • A laptop or device with Internet capabilities and Word installed may be required for some research activities.


Years 1-4

Serendipity Learning offers a weekly STEM Club for students in Years 1-4.

STEM is all about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and encourages experimenting, tinkering, building, observing, exploring, problem solving and creating!

Involvement in fun and diverse projects, experiments and activities both inside and outside will not only make for a great, hands-on way to learn but will encourage a solid base for children understanding key concepts later on. Through this sensory rich approach, students will develop creative and critical thinking skills in different settings.

Children will learn about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in ways that are naturally engaging to them and that tap into their innate curiosity about the living world. Children may be involved in designing and constructing bridges, making toothpaste, creating mazes, building a volcano, taking apart computers and even testing the strength of various materials, among many other great projects.

So, if your child is curious and passionate about their surroundings and the way things work, enquire about expanding their mind through STEM Club today.

Homework Club

Years K-6

Serendipity Learning is delighted to offer weekly Homework Club sessions where a Primary School teacher will support students with their homework tasks. Our teacher will help students to understand concepts they are unsure of and guide them in the homework they may struggle to complete independently.

Homework Club is designed to alleviate stress on those time poor parents who find it challenging to give their children the time and dedication they wish to when it comes to weekly homework and any additional projects. Our program can also ease the frustration and anxiety some children associate with homework.

With homework covered by Serendipity Learning, families can enjoy more quality time and dedicate themselves to those various extra curricular activities without worrying about the homework due by the end of the week!

Each session will involve the following;

  1. Students will complete their written homework tasks first.
  2. Students will have the opportunity to work on oral reading skills with the teacher in a one to one capacity.
  3. Students may bring along a device to work on any online educational tasks set by their classroom teacher. Eg. Mathletics, Reading Eggs, Study Ladder etc. Our teacher will be available to explain difficult concepts and tasks.
  4. Once all homework is completed, the teacher will provide suitable interactive activities to enrich their learning and assist with any necessary research or guidance relating to any students’ projects.

What to bring:

  • A bottle of water.
  • Any homework requiring completion as set by school.
  • A home reader or any book at student’s relevant reading level.
  • Device (i.e. laptop/iPad) if required for homework.
  • The Steps to enrolment in a program are:

    1. Complete the pre-enrolment form. This information is automatically emailed to us when you click on the ‘submit‘ button.
    2. A representative from Serendipity Learning will contact you by phone to confirm your enrolment and weekly session schedule.
    3. At your child’s first session, we will provide you with a background information form, enrolment agreement and policy document that will need to be completed and returned to us at your child’s second scheduled session.
    4. Term fees need to be paid by the end of week 3 of each school term.