“Recently, we identified areas that our daughter was having difficulty with at school. Despite working with her school and her class teacher, we did not see any improvement. We were looking for tutoring to enrich our daughter’s learning. However, what we got from Serendipity Learning was so much more than just a provider of tutoring sessions. Since our very first meeting, we have worked closely with the team at Serendipity to tailor make a solution that has allowed our daughter to feel comfortable, nurtured and supported in her learning journey. Serendipity has customised lessons to suit her needs and interests, which has enabled her to flourish and learn.
Serendipity provides a unique environment that encourages children to learn in a style that works best for them. This, coupled with a structured plan, has resulted in marked improvement for our child. We have seen excellent results but more than that, we have seen our daughter grow to love learning.
We would highly recommend the services of Serendipity Learning and are fortunate to have a dedicated team of specialists within our community. It is very clear to us that the staff have a love of teaching and learning. They are making a difference to local families.”

By Kerry Moss

“Thank you to Serendipity Learning. The Early Childhood and Preparation for School Program has been challenging and beneficial for my 4 year old’s early development. The wholistic approach to learning has provided a positive learning experience every week. Thank you for nurturing her learning with fun and enriching activities. We are so happy she is enjoying and thriving at Serendipity”.

By Kristen Hammond

“Serendipity Learning stands apart from other tutoring centres for several reasons. Firstly, the atmosphere is warm, interesting, caring and obviously geared to stimulating the mind. It is the most appealing learning space I have seen. Secondly, Fiona and her teaching team genuinely care about each student and their family, and are committed to aiding with school obligations or existing learning plans for the overall advancement of each student. My son has been attending some form of tutoring since he started school and he said ‘This is the first tutoring that I am happy to go to. It’s really helping me'”.

By Lee Stafford

“Serendipity has been an exceptional experience for our daughter who has special needs. Her self esteem and confidence has grown, her language has blossomed along with her social skills. My husband and I have found the quality of education provided by Fiona and her teaching team outstanding. They are so warm, caring and nurturing in their approach. Thanks to this our daughter has excelled and we would highly recommend them if you are looking for a special experience for you child!”.

By Jo Schofield